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Department of Anthropology

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Culture, Identity & Autonomy

Artistic and socio-cultural expressions and contestations of meaning, identity and agency in the context of globalization.

Immigration, Refugees & Diaspora

Dynamics, politics, and experiences of human migration and their intersection with globalization processes.

Sustainability, Justice & Global Interdependence

Global perspectives on environmental, economic, political, social and cultural sustainability, justice, and interdependence.

Public Policy, Governance & Citizenship

The roles of various state- and non-state actors in relation to global public goods (e.g., knowledge production, security, health and human rights).

What comes after the liberal order? Call for Ideas

The Institute of Globalization and the Human Condition is seeking participants who can bring their disciplinary expertise to an upcoming speakers series.

Aug 09, 2019

SSHRC awards Mac Social Sciences researchers over $900,000 in Insight Grants

Eight research projects from McMaster’s Faculty of Social Sciences have been awarded a total of $903,168 in funding through the federal government’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s Development Grants.

Jul 17, 2019

Retired professor ensures her legacy with a gift of life insurance

Majumdar is now extending her remarkable legacy through a gift of life insurance, of which McMaster is the owner and beneficiary. This planned gift will support student travel bursaries, so that those without the financial means will be able to travel for their research projects.

Jun 10, 2019

Canada’s recycling system is trash – but it’s not too late to fix it

Vito Buonsante is the plastics program manager at Environmental Defence Canada. He also teaches environmental health policy at McMaster University.

May 28, 2019

Narendra Modi’s victory speech delivers visions of a Hindu nationalist ascetic

Chandrima Chakraborty, professor of English and Cultural Studies and member of the Institute for Globalization and the Human Condition discusses the re-elected Indian PM's carefully crafted, religiously coded public enactment of patriotic loyalty. It's a dog whistle to those who support his vision of a Hindu nationalist 'new' India.

May 28, 2019

Pre-ISA Workshop on Digital Democracy: How Will Digitization Impact Global Democratic Practices?

Ahead of the 2019 International Studies Association Conference in Toronto, on March 26, a group of 24 international researchers gathered at McMaster University to discuss the transnational, cross-border dimensions of digital democracy.

Apr 03, 2019

M.A. Master of Arts in Globalization

M.A. in Globalization is an interdisciplinary program that examines the complex political, social, economic, cultural, discursive and theoretical developments related to processes of globalization and how these come to bear upon our lives, our communities, and the environment in which we live. Research areas include: contemporary culture; diasporic, transnational and multicultural communities; global governance; international trade and finance; and social, environmental and labour issues.

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Minor Interdisciplinary Minor in Globalization Studies

The minor in Globalization Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore the complex idea of globalization from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Students will have the opportunity to complete courses from the Social Sciences, Humanities, Health Sciences and Science faculties that cover a wide variety of themes related to globalization, and will be able to tailor their course selection according to their interests.

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