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Course Registration

It is recommended that students familiarize themselves with the School of Graduate Studies’ (SGS) Regulations for the Master of Arts Degree.

For a full overview of these details, please visit: All graduate students, including part-time students, must complete the SGS #101- Academic Research Integrity and Ethics online course in addition to the SGS #201- Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) online training module within twelve months of their admission to graduate studies at McMaster.

Candidates for the MA in Globalization Studies must complete 18 units of coursework (i.e., six one-term courses or their equivalent) with grades of at least B- in each. It is compulsory that students take the one core course, GLOBALST 710, Globalization: An Introduction. All candidates are to select at least two other Globalization courses which may be cross-listed with other programs and up to three electives which can be from any program. Typically, full-time students will take three one-term courses in each of the Fall and Winter terms and complete their MRP during the Spring/Summer terms.

Please note that although students are permitted to register for more that 9 units of coursework per term (i.e., three one-term courses per term), this is not recommended due to the heavy workload. (A single course typically requires 50-100 pages of reading per week.) Further, it is important to keep in mind that full-time students work as Teaching Assistants for 10 hours a week.

Permission to Register in a Course

With the exception of the core course, GLOBALST 710, enrolment in all courses (those that are cross-listed as well as electives) is subject to permission from the respective departments. Most departments post their offerings by mid-July so candidates should check course offerings periodically for updated information. Should any registration difficulties be encountered, the Institute’s Graduate Coordinator will be available to facilitate the process.

Class sizes are usually small for graduate courses (some programs allow no more than 14 students to enrol) so it is important that students indicate their interests early. In most cases, students will be able to sign up for courses on the Student On-Line Academic Registration (SOLAR) System in August. In the event that a student would like to register in either a Political Science course or a Sociology course, the student should attend the first class and get the instructor's signed permission. When this written permission has been obtained, the Graduate Secretary from the respective department will update the candidate’s SOLAR account allowing her/him to add the course online.

Once you arrive on campus, we will set up a meeting for you with our Associate Director/Graduate Advisor, regarding course selections or other concerns that you may have.